Our Story

We started Panoteck in 2011 as we realized that there was no company providing fully personalized, immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences for the world’s leading brands. There were no digital solutions that helped luxury brands replicate online the stunning and emotional experience customers enjoyed in their flagship boutiques.

Panoteck’s end-to-end solutions make this digital transformation a reality. Our VR experiences are accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere.

We are a team driven by innovation, creating immersive content and VR experiences. We strive to keep our customers and partners at the core of our mission to provide utmost customer satisfaction by building lifetime value (LTV).

Over the past ten years we built a technology platform with a wide spectrum of tools and best practices that allow us to capture the breathtaking in-store experiences that luxury brands perfect, in the digital world.

We believe that VR and augmented reality (AR) are a truly transformative way to showcase boutiques, products and physical trade fair events digitally, leading to increased consumer confidence and relevance for our customers and partners.

Today, the world’s largest brands are using Panoteck. As VR and AR technology evolves, we continue to develop cutting edge solutions that give our customers the ability to extend their brand’s success in the digital world and stay relevant to their highly educated and demanding audience.

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