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The Future of Luxury Online

Panoteck works with the world's leading brands to help them bring their unique and luxurious physical boutiques and manufacturing ateliers online using its immersive VR technology – fusing the real and digital worlds into one.

Our technology allows consumers to experience and buy products digitally like never before. Anytime, anywhere. From any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Our mission is to create the most stunning Digital Immersive VR Experiences to increase our customers' digital brand value and relevance with their highly sophisticated target audience.

Companies have made billions of dollars of investments in their brand assets, and this is not reflected in their online presence. Panoteck helps them change that with immersive 3D virtual experiences.

Today, the world’s largest brands are using Panoteck.

Panoteck - Digital platform and Virtual reality

What We Change

The digital representation of most leading brands does not reflect their brand heritage, identity or the emotions that consumers experience when you walk into their physical boutique.

Panoteck changes this paradigm
Our Work

Our Technology and Experience. Your end-to-end Digital Solution.

Using its proprietary technology, Panoteck can replicate any physical space in the most stunning digital format in the form of virtual boutiques, virtual representations of the brand’s manufacturing facilities, 360º photographic models of entire product lines, ultra HD video production among other unique features to even digitize highly costly and complex luxury trade fair events.

This allows Panoteck's customers to showcase their existing products digitally in a much more creative and immersive way, creating a competitive edge.

Our Work

Our Work

Panoteck Projects

Blancpain Manufacture Virtual Visit

Vallée de Joux, Switzerland

In partnership with Blancpain, Panoteck has developed innovative digital solutions to create immersive and highly engaging virtual reality (VR) representations of Blancpain’s ateliers at the renowned Vallée de Joux in Switzerland.

Panoteck developed 3D models of watches, ultra HD video creation and integration, interactive floor plans, multi-language capabilities and CRM implementation for online boutique appointments, allowing customers to experience Blancpain and its products digitally in a highly engaging way.

Project Highlights:
  • 01 Virtual Manufacture Concept & Ideation
  • 02 Mobile-Web VR website Creation
  • 03 Digital Brand Development
  • 04 VR Consultancy & Advisory
  • 05 UX/UI Design
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Panoteck- iphone mockup
Panoteck- ipad mockup

Tory Burch Virtual Boutique

Madison Ave, New York City

Panoteck collaborated with Tory Burch to create a stunning Virtual Boutique of their Madison Ave. flagship boutique in New York City.

Project Highlights:
  • 01 Virtual Boutique Creation
  • 02 UX/UI Design
  • 03 App Development
  • 04 Digital Brand Development
  • 05 Mobile-Web Website
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Panoteck Project - Tory Burch Virtual Boutique
Panoteck Project - Bell & Ross Virtual Boutique

Bell & Ross Virtual Boutique


Panoteck collaborated with Bell & Ross to create an impactful Virtual Boutique of their Mandarin Gallery flagship boutique in Singapore.

Panoteck developed 3D models of watches, HD video integration, interactive floor plans, multi-language capabilities and CRM integration, allowing customers to experience Bell & Ross and its products digitally in a highly differentiated way.

Project Highlights:
  • 01 Virtual Boutique Creation
  • 02 UX/UI Design
  • 03 App Development
  • 04 Digital Brand Development
  • 05 Mobile Website
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Brand Culture and Values

At the start of every business relationship, Panoteck focuses on studying and understanding the customer’s brand culture, heritage and values. It is critical for Panoteck to ensure that the final work product is perfectly aligned with the client’s objectives as well as their marketing and brand strategy. This alignment is achieved through a series of meetings with the brand’s CEO and the marketing, communications, digital and IT teams. The solid relationship building process and personal approach represents one of Panoteck's main unique value added.

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The Proposal

Panoteck provides a tailored concept & ideation proposal based on the vision and key objectives outlined in phase 01.

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Consultancy & Advisory

Panoteck works very closely with the customer and provides them with key insights to subsequently help them build their digital brand and the ability to reach their customers in the most captivating way.

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Digital Solution Creation
Project phases:
  • 01 Content acquisition (at geo-location)
  • 02 Post-production
  • 03 Development
  • 04 Integration
  • 05 Final development & project delivery

Panoteck stays in close communication with its clients throughout every phase of the project to ensure continued alignment with the original objectives.

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Digital Brand Development

At the completion of the digital assets everything is seamlessly integrated. Once everything is completed, it is time to create a launch campaign (physical and digital) to showcase the digital brand globally – allowing the brand’s customers to navigate, experience, explore and purchase products online like never before.

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Immersive VR

Panoteck’s Immersive VR solutions allows the world’s leading brands to reach their audience with stunning digital experiences accessible on any device and OS – anytime, anywhere.

Our VR solutions are device agnostic. No VR headset required.

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3D on 3D

Panoteck's technology enables the integration of 3D product imagery content into panoramic virtual boutiques, allowing consumers to experience and explore products digitally like never before. across any device and operating system. No VR headset or mobile App required.

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Ultra HD Video Production

Panoteck - Ultra HD Video Production
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